Share the Wealth – Revised Mod

Share the Wealth – Revised Mod

This mod is a redesign of my old Share the Wealth mod, built with a more balanced approach. It provides three main features:

1) The ability to transfer food between colony worlds through use of food export and import spaceport modules. The ratio of food transferred is not 1:1 however, so it is more efficient to take advantage of the food tiles on planets. Building agricultural colonies focused on food production is now a viable way to provide for less fertile worlds though, allowing them to specialise in other areas. This requires researching a new technology available after New Worlds Protocol has been researched.

2) A way to extract excess mineral and energy reserves from sectors. This is again done through use of a spaceport module, with the import module costing influence each month it is active. You have to put a bit of leverage on the sectors to give up their goods after all. Requires a statecraft technology to be researched, available after Galactic Administration.

3) Certain spaceports can now be further specialised for ship construction by sacrificing production speed at another spaceport. Each supporting spaceport has its ship construction speed reduced by 50% while the master spaceport has its speed increased by 25% . This should allow dedicated fleet construction at a faster pace for a few spaceports rather than requiring every spaceport in your empire to be upgraded. The technology required for these modules requires level 3 spaceports to have been researched first.

As the AI cannot take proper advantage of these features, they will never research the prerequisite technologies. To balance this however the modules do have a cost associated with them, in addition to the fact there is no 1:1 transference (except for sector resource extraction). Let me know if you feel something is a bit too harsh or not harsh enough. I’m still not completely set on the balance so I may change things in the future.

How to use:
The food export dock consumes 8 food from the planet it is built above, and provides a strategic resource called ‘packaged foodstuffs’. This resource can be consumed by a food import dock to provide 5 food to the planet. Researching along the hydroponics line will enable you to build larger and more food efficient import and export docks. A level 4 export dock consumes 23 food to produces 4 packaged foodstuffs (20 food when consumed) for example.

To make use of mineral and energy export bays simply build them in a spaceport belonging to the sector you wish to ‘acquire’ resources from. These will drain 100 minerals or energy per month from the sector, crating a strategic resource in the process; mineral cache for minerals and contained energy for energy credits. Make sure you build an import dock in a core sector planet to actually recieve the minerals or energy though. Larger import modules can be built if you wish to drain from multiple sectors at the same time without requiring multiple core planets to have an import module. The import dock requires influence to maintain it each month, so you won’t want to leave it up indefinitely.

The modular ship construction modules work in much the same way as the food modules. Simply build an export module in a spaceport you don’t intend to build ships at and then an import module at one you wish to use for ship production. The largest module can ‘draw production’ from 4 other spaceports. You can of course build all four levels of module at the same spaceport for a total of 250% ship production increase. You won’t have room for much else though.

I would recommend using a mod like Remove Spaceport Modules to easily remove import and export docks when you no longer have a use for them.

This mod is not achievement compatible.
Should be save game compatible. Upgrading from the previous Share the Wealth mod will result in you losing your already built modules however.

Known issues: The strategic resources do not show up in the strategic resource window due to a bug with the way spaceports use those resources. Hopefully the icons should help you to keep track of how many you are producing and using until a fix for this becomes available. If anyone knows of how to correct for this I would love to know :).

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