Shadow’s Habitat Adaptations For Stellaris

Shadow’s Habitat Adaptations For Stellaris

This mod is a prototype for a small part of a larger collaboration mod that Atreides (maker of The Belt,) ApSciLiara, and I, are working on. This is just a prototype of some traits you can genetically modify onto your species.

Please note that a lot of implied functions aren’t actually present: Vacuum sealing won’t, for instance, allow you to actually inhabit an airless moon or an asteroid, as is planned in the future. But you can still choose it, and it is still useful to do so. The trait costs have been carefully “balanced” against vanilla Stellaris trait costs, and are universally too expensive in my opinion, but hopefully this should keep the whiners off my back for now.

The following new traits are available:
* Aquatic Adaptation
Does exactly what it says on the tin, and makes all worlds with copious amounts of water much more inhabitable.

* Aridity Tolerance
Also does exactly what it says on the tin, and makes all worlds with a dearth of water much more inhabitable.
(And no, aquatic adaptation and aridity tolerance are not meant to be mutually exclusive.)

* Temperature Adaptation, Basic
Enables comfortable inhabitation at great temperature variations. Makes all planets more inhabitable, but especially the hottest (Desert) and coldest (all three of the cold types.) The most OP choice in this mod, habitability-percentage-for-trait-cost.
* Temperature Adaptation, Extreme Heat
Enables comfortable inhabitation in the hottest of locales. Same as basic, but better, with a heavy slant for hot worlds.
* Temperature Adaptation, Extreme Cold.
Enables comfortable inhabitation in the coldest of locales. Same as basic, but better, with a heavy slant for cold worlds.
All of the above are mutually exclusive with one another.

* Pressure Adaptation, Basic
An all-around booster to inhabitation that allows for comfortable respiration from much higher to much lower pressures. Cheap and cheerful.
* Pressure Adatation, Hydrostatic
You want to live in the deep sea? Go and live in the deep sea! This lets you take abyssal crushing pressure and laugh it off. Just as good as the basic pressure adaptation even when not in crushing depths.
* Pressure Adaptation, Vacuum.
Why breathe at all? Raises inhabitability across the board. Not as good at hydrostatic pressure adaptation on worlds with lots of ocean. Intended to give a whopping 60% inhabitability to airless planetoids and asteroids later on.
All of the above are mutually exclusive with one another.

* Basic Biological Upgrade
Why settle for Darwinian evolution’s cruft and millions of years of “survival of the good enough?” Sweep the cruft out of your genetics and make better people. Gives you broad-ranging but shallow improvements in environment tolerance, research, happiness and leader age, but slows reproduction on account of including full built-in birth control.

Note: The mod’s presentation image, as it includes an image of an Aquanaut, a work of Posthuman Studios licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licsense, is itself licensed under the same Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. ( )
This means you’re free to reuse, remix, or do whatever the hell you feel like with the presentation image, except turn a profit on it or try to lock up your own remix with a less permissive license.
The presentation image was composed by myself, the creator, ShadowDragon8685, and was touched up and made pretty by The Bound Fenrir, of The Eye discord server.

This applies to the image only. Not the content of the mod, including but not limited to the traits, trait icons, and fluff text. Please don’t rip this stuff off.

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