Sector Resource Caps For Stellaris

Sector Resource Caps For Stellaris

This mod allows empires to cap the amount of minerals and energy credits their sectors may stockpile. With the caps in place, overages are transferred to the empire on a regular cycle.

Two new policies are added, Sector Mineral Cap and Sector Credit Cap. Each gives you the option to cap the respective resource to 10,000, 5000, 2500, or 0 units. Whenever a sector accumulates 1000 units in excess of a cap, those 1000 are transferred to the empire. The check is performed every three months, so don’t be alarmed if an overage lingers for a month or two.

Oh boy, is this a hack. There is currently no direct way for a mod to know much of anything about a sector’s finances. This mod tests whether a sector exceeds a cap by briefly and stealthily swapping out buildings on sector planets with ones that have bizarre resource requirements. Unless you’re looking for it, you’ll rarely if ever notice something is amiss.

The above procedure would normally be spamming you with “Sectors Missing Resources” alerts, so with this mod that alert is disabled. I found myself not missing the alert, but you may feel differently.

Add various conditions for getting less than the full 1000 resource units in a transfer (lack of sector governor, unrest, war blockades, etc.).
This mod is compatible with any mod that doesn’t overwrite the vanilla alerts.txt file. Thankfully, those are few and far between.

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