SD’s Loopy Stuff For Stellaris

SD’s Loopy Stuff For Stellaris

So.. this mod is my tweaks to the Signal Horizon stuff. Which, so far, does almost nothing. I say, “almost” because it does one thing: It adds a leader trait to the potential pool. The “Loopy” trait makes a single leader effectively immortal, but they cannot start with it (they can get it when they level up), and it’ll only spawn on leaders after you have unlocked the “Omega Alignment” building pretty much at the end of the questline.

So why? I don’t know, I just felt a bit disapointed by it for some reason. This makes me feel a bit better for some reason that even I cannot fathom. Maybe if you feel the same it’ll make you feel better too.

I might add other stuff later if I can think of anything. The required mod isn’t strictly required, but.. its a good idea lol.

-Updated for 1.5
-Made the “loopy” traits vary per leader type and add some small, but broad bonuses. Made them properly Immoral instead of cheesy +9999 max age.

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