!SD’s Better Strike Craft – Realistic Ships Patch Mod

!SD’s Better Strike Craft – Realistic Ships Patch Mod

This is a tiny patch mod for the excellent Realistic Ships mod by Tal Ara’nh.

Honestly, Realistic Ships gets it almost exactly correct, but I still don’t like the way most hanger slots are jammed together with useless PD.

So far it makes changes to the “regular” Dreadnought and Battlecruiser, so you can make the Dreadnought a super carrier that doesn’t have 80% of its weapon slots taken up by PD that’ll never fire a single shot. Or a Battlecruiser with a wing of fighters and bombers without losing all of its firepower for that hull section.

I’m probably not going to add carrier slots to the Heavy Dreadnought since Tal Ara’nh wanted to make the ships feel different and didn’t think an even bigger carrier was needed and I probably agree with him.

So unless you want a more carrier options for the Dreadnought/Battlecruiser class ships, this IS NOT necessarily for compatibility with my regular Strike Craft mod!

— Add some no-PD hangers to the Battlecruisers.
— Updated to 1.4.x
— Added a few more hanger options to the Dreadnought (note: the Artillery bow shows 2hb, when it has 1large and 1hb — that’s Paradox’s bug).
— Updated to 1.5.x
— Fixed a few places where PD was a prereq for ship sections that didn’t have PD.

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