SD’s Awakened Empire Tweaks Mod

SD’s Awakened Empire Tweaks Mod

Completely re-done for 1.5.1.. its not exactly the same as before.

So I’m sure many of you have noticed that Awakened, no longer Fallen Empires are ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL. I’m 99% sure they ignore fleet cap entirely, so if its says “equivilent” or “inferior” or even “pathetic” it won’t mean squat.

(SO! I looked into it, and yeah they BLOW PAST their fleet cap without a care in the world. They surpass it by hundreds and hundreds without breaking a sweat.)

Well that appears to be hard coded… so can’t help you there.

“So what can you do, you bloody git?!” you say.

Eh… well a few things.

First, they have resource storage cap of 10 (TEN) times the player max. So they can just… queue and queue and queue ships until the cows come home. I lowered that to 2 times. Still unfair, but hey, I said tweak, not make easy. But they shouldn’t be able to pump out nearly unlimited ships now. I’m pretty sure that’s where the real pain is coming from.

There is something with their fleet maintenance, they pay almost nothing for their fleets so I tweaked this to be less extreme. They still get them cheap, well, they’ve been building the same ships for millenia so I guess that’s kinda fair in a way. But they don’t get nearly the discount anymore. With their high fleet caps (500 stock, but that’s pointless since they don’t rebuild or expand AFAIK, unless this changed in 1.5) but it ups to 1000 (!) when they Awaken. They get a fleet cap of 600 now. I set the non-awakened to 400, although I don’t think this will effect anything.

They USED to get MASSIVE production bonuses from their already awesome factories, but they don’t seem to have that in 1.5, at least not that I could find. It used to be in static_modifiers.txt but they aren’t mentioned there at all anymore. I don’t know if that means they don’t get the bonuses, or if they became haradcoded. No idea ????

I’m hoping these changes, particularly to their fleet maintenance and storage cap make it so their apparently unlimited size fleets will not be instantly replaced again and again.

I’m only one guy, so I can’t test all this that well myself so feedback and observation will be important. My guess is that their INITIAL fleets will still be huge as they burn through twice any players energy and mineral cap, but replacements should no longer be almost unlimited.

PS: If you install this on an existing game, it will cut their caps but it can’t slice off their extra. So if they are sitting with their 200k energy and 400k mineral reserves (yes, thats the default — DOUBLE what the default in 1.4 was!!!) the best it can do is prevent them from storing that much up again. It WILL however, reduce their bonuses.

— Updated for 1.4.x
— Updated for 1.5.x
— They changed the way FE/AFE’s work, so.. I sort of .. guessed at things and so on. Their resource cap is still 2x normal instead of 10, and their fleet maintenance reduction isn’t quite as generous as before. Their fleet caps are lowered by about 25%. As far as production bonuses go, I don’t think they have them anymore, or its moved somewhere else. So this should still give them a good weakening. I think anyway ????
— Actually broken for 1.5 ????
— Fixed, sort of. It has to replace the ENTIRE defines file, so… this mod will conflict with ANYTHING that changes the defines. No way to work around this yet, sorry! But.. it does weaken AFE’s ????
— Fixed again, and this time it’ll work. Its not quite the same as they removed static_modifers.txt bonuses and moved some stuff to more defines. But they’ll be super strong, but no longer unlimited strong.

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