Science Matters – Increased Tier Difference Stellaris

Science Matters – Increased Tier Difference Stellaris

This mod increases the gap between high tier and low tier equipments.
Now technology really makes a big difference !

When you complete a new tech and find that the improvement of the related equipment is negligible, do you feel frustrated? If that is the case, then this mod is for you.

In vanilla game, the differences between high and low tier equipments are very small, this mod increased that gap. So whenever you complete a research, you will now be excited and can’t wait to try the new equipments ! But be ware, high tier technologies cost much much more than vanilla game.

On the other hand, this mod is designed to be as balanced as possible. Instead of adding/minusing values to the vanilla game, I multiply them. So they suppose to be as balanced as vanilla game. If you find something underpowered/overpowered, please leave a message in the comment. I will update them.

Additionally, the missiles in the game have also been rebalanced in a way that I think will work. See following for details.

No need to read all the details, you will notice them immediately in the game.

0. Basic rule:
1L=2M=4S. All modified values follow this rule.

1. Weapons:

1.1 Weapons with 5 tiers:
DPS increases 50% for each tier.
For example: DPS(T1-5) = 0.45: 0.67: 1: 1.5: 2.25 (compared to vanilla DPS).
Please note that T3 is identical to vanilla. So T1-T2 are nerfed, while T4-T5 are buffed.
Missile bonus: M missiles ignore 10% armor, L missles ignores 20% armor. Each tier increase weapon range of 5.

1.2 Weapons with 3 tiers:
DPS(T1-3) = 0.5: 1: 2. Since they have only 3 tiers, to keep them consistent with 5-tier weapons, the multiplier is 2 instead of 1.5 for each tier.

Note: Point defence weapons are not modified, since strike craft cannot equip armor/shield to counter them.

1.3 Missiles
Missiles in vanilla game are useless, especially in late game.

I think the best way to buff missiles is to add AOE damage to them, since they are the only explosive weapon in the game. However, I didn’t find a way to do this. If anyone knows, please tell me. Thank you.

This mod buffs missiles in the following ways (In addition to the damage change in section 1.1):
1.3.1 The main problem with missiles is that they cannot retarget once the original target is killed. Instead, they just dissapear. One way to alleviate this is to increase the flying speed of missiles to decrease the number of missiles on the way. Speed for missiles: T1-T5:6,8,10,12,14. In vanilla, they are all 5.
1.3.2 In vanilla game, HP of large missile is the same as small missile, which doesn’t make any sense. In this mod. HP of missiles with different sizes now follow the 1L=2M=4S rule, so large missiles will not be one shot killed by point defence any more.
1.3.3 In vanilla game, there are many weapons having armor penetration. Very few have shield penetration (not +% shield damage). Now missiles are one of them. Missiles now penetrate shield (20% for each tier, from 20% for T1 to 100% for T5), which means a certain percentage of their damage will bypass the shield. Please note these damage will still be reduced by armor % damage reduction.
1.3.4 M missiles ignore 10% armor, L missles ignores 20% armor.
1.3.5 Each tier increases weapon range by 5.

2. Armor
Armor works fine in vanilla game, since they reduce damage by a certain percentage. However, once you reach the 90% cap,they become useless. So I decided to add a small HP bonus to armors T1-5(small slot)=0.25%-1.25%. Now you can use more of them after you reach 90% damage reduction, which gives you more choices.
Note: Decimals cannot be shown in game, but they work fine.

3. Shield
In vanilla game, shield cannot recharge during battle unless you have “shield capacitor” utility equipped. Now this has been fixed.
Shield value doubles for each tier, while T3 is the same as vanilla game. So T1 and T2 shields are nerfed, while T4 and T5 shields are buffed, which are consistent with weapon rebalance.
Shiled regen: T1-T5 (small slot) = 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 5.

4. Afterburners
Speed: T1 = 50%, T2 = 100%

5. Crystal plating
Hull bonus: T1 = 10%, T2 = 20%

6. Regenerative Hull Tissue
Regen: 5% per month

7. Reactors
Power: T1-5 (small slot) = 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. They grow linear since I didn’t modify the power consumption of weapons and shields.

8. Sensors
Range: T1-4 = 25, 40, 60, 90

9. Thrusters
Speed: T1-3 = 25%, 50%, 100%

Built in compatible with “New ship classes & more” and “XL cruise missiles”.

I suggest not to use “ship power station” mod. With that installed, you never need to worry about power supply anymore. Then you will install too many shields which makes the game unbalanced.

I didn’t add any new ships/components/technologies to the game, so it should be compatible with every mod that doesn’t edit VANILLA components. However, new components added by other mods (except the two mentioned above) will be unbalanced with the modded vanilla components.

Save game compatible.

——–My other mods——–
Highly recommend to use this with my other “Matters” mod:

Planet Matters – Improved Planet Modifiers:

Leader Matters – Improved Leader Traits:

2017.1.29: Missile shield penetration is buffed. Now they are 20% for each tier instead of 50% for all.
2017.1.17: Armor rebalanced. It seems it’s too easy for large ship to reach 90% cap when the armor values are buffed. Additionally, once you reach the 90% cap,they become useless. So I decided to add a small HP bonus to armors so that you will have more choices when you reach 90% damage reduction.
Note: Decimals cannot be shown in game, but they work fine.
2017.1.14: Salvaged weapons are now rebalanced.
2017.1.13: Large updates:
Sensor range updated.
Missile speed rebalanced again.
Missles now have 50% shield penetration.
Shields now can charge during battle even without “shield capacitor”. Shield value rebalanced. Now T3 shield has the same amount as vanilla game, so they are consisitent with rebalanced weapon DPS.
Added compatiblity for “XL cruise missiles” mod.
2017.1.12: Missile speed is increased to alleviate missile retargeting problems.
2017.1.10: The cost of high tier technology is substantially increased. Those components are so powerful,and your fleet power grows exponentially with those techs. However,the AI doesn’t how to take advantage of this. So you shouldn’t be able to rush to tier 5 techs in the early game, either.
2017.1.9: Missiles rebalanced, see details above
2017.1.8: Thrusters rebalanced, see details above
2017.1.6: Added NSC compatibility
2017.1.6: Initial release

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