Ruler Level System Stellaris

Ruler Level System Stellaris

RLS let every Ruler has their own level system!

This mod was made in 1.4, but it was for personal use.
After adding icons, adjusting things, and 1.5 + #EATALIENSALIVE# DLC, I think it is time to release it for public use.

This mod:
Support Ethic&Government Rebuild Mod.

Support Utopia DLC.
Support Mulitplayer mode.
Support any mod that enable Ruler to build their own ship&station.
Savegame compatible.


Why this mod appear?
Before 1.6, I cannot help but find that my Ruler cannot level up like my Scientist or Governor. That’s the first reason I made this mod.

Later, I noticed in my playthrough, my empire usually have too much influence to spend, and most of planetary edicts are hard to use, plus Empire Modifier seems too empty to me, so I made a simple system where you can spend influence on.

Ruler Hobby is inspired by CK2’s character focus. Feeling that make sense to me, I made a simply version into this mod as well.


What does it do?
Ruler has their own level system, which can level up by Holding Campaign or Manmaging Empire.
When Level up, you can gain some influence and unity.
Every Ruler can have one hobby at a time (Hive Mind Ruler has their own),
giving a small boost to Empire. When having a same Hobby several times, they can decide to become the expert of that Hobby. Related events can also happen.
You can tell Ruler to focus on certain Hobbies area, you can use policy called “Ruler Hobby Focus” to do so.
When you have enough Influence, your Ruler will Hold Campaign from time to time (depending on how much Influence you have), these can give your Empire certain bonus, but most of them might have debuff or damage your Ecomony.

Standalone, no vanilla files are edited.
namespace = play_as_ruler
Global Flag = play_as_ruler_started
(In case of you want to make a support for this mod)
This mod doesn’t edit leader skill setting, instand, it add every ruler a new trait called Ruler Level Bar.


Synthetic Ruler can have Agrarian Hobby – That’s not bug.
Hive Mind can hold campaign every 3-5 years (determined by influence amount), resource related only cost roughly half influence, the other campaign cost no influence. (Campaign can upgrade like other empires)
If your Empire has Philosopher King Civic, your Ruler will start at Level 4 and gain some Influence and Unity ( Including Game Start Ruler), they also level up faster then others.
It is easy for Ruler to get Level 5 or 6, but if they want to be higher, they need a lot of time and luck to become Level 7 and more.
This mod add cooldown for Ruler ship&station, but you need any mod that enable Ruler for doing that.
If you encounter bug like never-ending ruler celebration, type “event play_as_ruler.8995” in console command tab until it stop.
If you encounter bug that your Heir get Level and Hobby, which should not happen in game, type “event play_as_ruler.8999” in console command tab to debug it.

Event Pictures Credits
Ruler Hobby : Agrarian
Agrarian Paradise
Shared by STRIX
Ruler Hobby : Miner
Mining settlement
by alex-ichim
#Page not exist on deviantART#
Ruler Hobby : Investor
Sci Fi – Power Core
by Marcin Bukowski
Ruler Hobby : Researcher
Cyberlab inc.
by Der-Reiko
Copyright 2011, Diviad GmbH
Ruler Hobby : Engineering Research
The Engineering Bay
by anasrist
Ruler Hobby : Constructor
Construction site
by medders
Ruler Hobby : Ship Builder
Ship Construction
by ProgV
Ruler Hobby : Logistician
Storage Corridor
by St-Pete

Sound Effects
All Sound Effects in this mod are from EU4 and CK2.


Current Localisation
English (Improved by Peterowsky)
Russian (By Spectrum)

Q: Will the AI have campaigns as well?
A: Yes.

Q: Saved game compatable?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you make notification for choosing hobbies?
A: Ask Paradox for making notification thing moddable first.


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