Ringworlds Ultimate Stellaris

Ringworlds Ultimate Stellaris

This mod does not build ringworlds the way utopia does. It still uses fairly old Ringworld Constructon mod mod method, with only 3 differences:
1. Ringworlds are much more expensive – about 900000 minerals and 300000 energy in total. 900000 is enough for 450 battleships, and it is also enough to support these battleships for 2 centuries. Realistic, right?

2. Ringworlds are actually ‘being built’ now (kinda, but still not really): they are only spawned after their modifier goes away, instead of first spawning the ringworld and then adding the modifier. Unfortunately, like with the original ringworld construction mod, planet positions are were hard-coded, so it is impossible to directly build ringworlds. Instead, a new empty system is spawned near the ringworld station system. Utopia is out now anyway.

3. This mod also adds features of Ringworld Restoration mod, but it’s a bit different: you can only repair damaged sections of the same type i.e. damaged habitable to habitable, tech to tech, seam to seam. It always felt a bit weird to have all 12 sections habitable. I made it overall easier as well, since it’s not a priority now, and now you do actually have to repair tech/seam sections first.

How to build ringworlds:
1. Get the tech (Which has 20000 engineering cost, and has a really low chance of appearing. Scientist with industry trait recommended).
2. Build the station.
3. Select one of the options on the second screenshot(it’s a little weird, I took screenshots on a weak computer. You don’t need to worry about that). The slowest one is 1500 minerals/month, 500 energy/month, 3 influence/month. You need a lot of resources.
4. Wait 50/25/10 years.
4,5. Wonder if it was worth it.
5. Profit!

You first need Ringworld restoration tech, and then you will be able to get Ringworld construction tech.

Here are other mods for the true fallen empire feeling:
Titans, Battlecruisers and Escorts. Shamelessly promoting myself.

Galactic Dawn: Forgotten technology. For FE buildings.

Ascended Ascendancies. This is a pretty small mod, but it shows promise. (Conflicts with Forgotten Technology mod unfortunately. You have to choose)

Last update:

Is it too fast to go from version 1.0.2 to 2.0? Shut up! I can name them whatever i like! But seriously now, we put a lot of effort together with Dass to make the proper system for ringworld habitats to depend on other sections. You now need to repair tech and seam sections first! And yeah, also added the ability to repair ringworlds destroyed by ISB I promised for so long. Now you can wreck the ringworlds as much as you like.

Future plans:
Maybe add a version with traditions for Utopia

Have fun! Leave your feedback in the comments.

Ом Ном Ном, Dazz & Kobato
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