Resource Spawner For Stellaris

Resource Spawner For Stellaris

Stellaris version supported: Adams v1.6.2

Resource Spawner
New orbital resource deposits will start to appear during a game, ready for you to exploit. Any resource deposit from the Vanilla game can appear: minerals, energy, research and strategic resources. Custom (strategic) resources from other mods are not included.

What makes this mod different from other mods that increase resources:

Resources are spawned gradually during a game. Each month a new random resource deposit may appear anywhere in the galaxy.
It works with existing saves. No need to start a new game.
It does not modify any of the Vanilla resource deposits. It does not not overwrite any Vanilla files whatsoever.
New orbital resource deposits will keep appearing during the whole game, so a previously worthless system might become a rich system.
You can use policy setting to determine how many new resource deposits will appear.
How it works
This mod is an event script that might create a random resource deposit each month based on a chance you can set using the “Resource Spawner” policy settings. The minimum chance is 1% each month (averaging 1 new resource deposit every 100 months) but you can increase this to 100% (1 new resource deposit every month) if you wish. The default chance is 8% meaning around one resource deposit every year on average.

The mod will work in two stages. The first stage just creates resource deposits on empty planets. The second stage adds resource deposits to any planet. More specific:
1. Any planet, moon, star, asteroid or object classified as solar system object that’s not build (by an intelligent species) that has no ortbital resource deposit is a potential candidate to receive a resource deposit that’s suited to the type of object.
2. Any one of them is a candidate to receive another resource deposit that’s suited to the type of object.

Almost all resource deposits are based on the type of planet and the chance they had when the solar system appeared as specified by Paradox. So you will not get any asteroids that have energy deposits or stars that give minerals. But you might get planets that give both minerals and a form of research during the second stage. All ringworld sections that are uninhabitable will get Living Metal resource deposits.

A medium normal default game can have a couple of thousand solar system objects that don’t have any resource deposits. For example: when using the policy setting that averages 1 new resource deposit every 20 months it’d take 5000 game years if the galaxy has 3000 of these solar system objects to give them all a resource deposit. On the highest policy setting it’d take 250 game years to do the same. I’ve tested a game where I started with 500 stars and found around 3000 solar system objects without resource deposits.

There’s a country edict with which you can disable the spawning of resource deposits. Of course you could also disable the mod to do so permanently. The new resource deposits will not disappear.

Should be compatible with any mod.

Planets of a new class added through mods will also receive a random Vanilla resource deposit.

In a multiplayer game the policy of a random player (who has not disabled spawning using the edict) will be used to determine the spawn chance. If all players except the host disable the mod using the edict only the policy settings of the host will be used.

If you wish to test the event without waiting you can use the following console commands:

event resource_spawner.1
Spawns 1 resource deposit based on the chance set in the policy and may take a month before it spawns.

event resource_spawner.2
Spawns 1 resource deposit immediately.

event resource_spawner.10
Spawns 10 resource deposits immediately.

event resource_spawner.100
Spawns 100 resource deposits immediately.

event resource_spawner.1000
Spawns 1000 resource deposits immediately.

This mod might have a performance impact because a lot of research and mining stations will appear in most solar systems. I haven’t experienced this myself but it might in theory.

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