Removed Tradition Tree Adoption Costs Stellaris

Removed Tradition Tree Adoption Costs Stellaris

Ready for 1.6.1

This mod removes the stacking 10% increase to tradition costs for each adopted tradition tree.

I found the stacking increase to tradition costs to be very limiting, particuarly in games with mods that added a lot of tradition trees, such as Plentiful Traditions.

Of note : When used alongside my other mod ‘Starting Traditions’, that mod will give you a little more unity than needed for your first two tradition picks, as it is calibrated for use with vanilla tradition costs. (Garrus helped with said calibrations, I’m sure.)

I have a version of this mod that provides a small bonus to tradition tree costs to help mitigate the loss of the Symbols of Unity building

This mod is mutually exclusive with its above twin.

Personally, I use the mods in the Stellaris HR Group Mods, curated by Kida, which any mods I make are designed to fit with. Feel free to give it a try and give us your opinions.

If you like my mod, please rate it up, it really helps out.

Thank you for taking an interest in my mod, and I hope you enjoy your Stellaris with or without it!

Also, if any of you want to hit me up for general chat, a game of stellaris, or something else, add me as a friend and say hello!

Kreldin Foxclaw
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