Reasonable Megastructures Stellaris

Reasonable Megastructures Stellaris

I don’t like how megastructures work in several ways. I planned to fix that and made this mod. This mod isn’t 100% my idea, as I looked at two other mods for help on how to implement some things and make up an idea of how it should be.

Key Features:

Master Builders gets the -25% building cost again, but reduced build speed increase from 100% to 75%
Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres can be built in systems with non-colonized or colonized, habitable planets
Dyson Spheres freeze the planet, removing any colony present
Ring Worlds demolish all planets completely. Don’t expect anything in return if you lost a decent world.
It’s now possible to upgrade multiple megastructures at one time, but it isn’t possible to starting several new ones at the same time. You can upgrade megastructures while a new one is being made.
Repairing megastructures doesn’t prevent you from upgrading or building new ones.
Other Information:
Disclaimer and Credits:
The MegaStructures Placement and Utopia Expanded mods were what I looked at for creating the features of this mod.

Change Notes:
Check the change notes to see the most recent changes.

Direct Link:
For those of you that can’t get it to work through the workshop, here’s this.

Leion247 Modding:
If you get the direct link, I recommend joining my group. I post an announcement for every update I make to any of my mods. Also you can keep up with the progress I’m making on future updates.

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