Reach for the Stars For Stellaris

Reach for the Stars For Stellaris

Reach for the Stars – Humanities struggle for space begins – (1.7.2 Bradbury)
This is the year 2200. The Earth landscape has changed, both literally and politically. Increasing tensions related to the economic exploitation of the solar system resulted in a space war that escalated progressively to a limited nuclear war on Earth that devastated most of the planet. Nations on Earth collapsed like dominos whilst the remnants of power blocks aggregated into military alliances and ruled the few celestial bodies that had some population.
On Earth, the United Nations managed to survive and gather under its hood several countries, like India, Brazil, most of Africa and Japan.

The future beckons… but the journey is off to a shakey start. From an irradiated planet, you need to either subdue, suduce or slaughter 4 other human factions in the Sol Sysytem. All of similar strength, with a small fleet on non-warp capable ships.

Unique start-up system selectable for ALL races from the speicies creation screen. *recomended for play with the UN Faction for authentiicity.
Unique start up events to get the system underway.
An enriched Sol system with many extra resources & colonisable planets.
All game languages supported.

If you would like your own custom themed mod created, $30-$50, contact ADLER to discuss.

ADLER, BladeofSharpness
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