Raid Empire Resource V1.4 For Stellaris

Raid Empire Resource V1.4 For Stellaris

RER Let you raid Regular Empire, FE&AE, damaging their ecomony!

We all know while raided pirate’s station can gain resources, right?
Why can’t we do the same to our rival&regular empires?
Raid Empire Resource can help you out!


What does it do?
Enable you to go raid other empires you are war with, by destorying their stations such as mining station or research
station. Steal and damage their resources and research points!
Invading regular empire’s planet will also let you loot minerals and energy from them!

Standalone, no vanilla files edited.

Asked question:
1.Can AI get these raid events?
A:Yes. Except for FE&AE.
2.Can you made fleet to auto attack enemy’s station?

Note: You can’t raid Spaceport or Military Station.
*Fixed FE&AE options about raiding. (Was happy about people raiding their stations, WTH)
*Now you can choose not to raid when invaded planet. (Planet attacker won’t get -5 option from defender)
*Adjust raiding option modifier a little bit. (Planet raid option, from -10 to -5)
*You can gain resources from destoring other empire’s fleet you are war with, depanding on their ship size,
yet the amount is small for you to notice.
*If you lose fleet during battle (Anything that attack you), you lose resources. (Depanding on ship size)

: jasonpepe
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