The Quintessential British Name List Mod

The Quintessential British Name List Mod

British Humans
Forum Thread

Alternatively British anything. Blorgs, Foxes, Smugslugs, Platypi,… Go crazy.

Ships: 2561 generic, 228+1 battleships, 570 corvettes, 293 cruisers, 1176 destroyers, 170 colony ships, 170 construction ships, 46+1 science ships, 72 transports
Stations: 23 spaceports, 3 research stations, 14 small military stations, 5 medium military stations, 36 large military stations
Fleets: 1
Armies: 100 defence armies, 310 assault armies
Planets: 689 generic, 2 desert, 4 arid, 7 tropical, 5 continental, 7 oceanic, 2 tundra, 3 arctic
Names: 209 male first names, 193 female first names, 321 second names, 29 male regnal first names, 17 female regnal first names, 1 regnal second name

Due to popular demand both Victory and Boaty McBoatface have been included, but you will have to uncomment their entries if you want them to appear ingame.
To do so just remove the leading # from their lines. Ctrl + F should help you find them with ease.
You need to go to steamappsworkshopcontent281990681545718 (this might differ if you have games/workshop content installed to other places than the folder Steam is installed to) and open the .zip file found there. Edit the .txt file found within and uncomment Boaty McBoatface and/or Victory.

Made possible by contributions both small and large from: Beer4TheBeerGod, BrokenSky, chaostk, ecololuc, EmperorZelos, Ifreann, Kordishal, mbpoblet, TheBeautifulVoid, Tim_Ward, Adm. Yanxa, and most likely others I forgot to mention. Shame on me.

Known issues: sequential names currently block out random names

Pastebin[] (Might occasionally be slightly out of date.)

Wondering what all the various abbreviations and acronyms refer to? Check below.
ASH = Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; BW = Black Watch; COLDM GDS = Coldstream Guards; GREN GDS = Grenadier Guards; HCR = Household Cavalry Regiment; HIGHLAND = 51st Highland Volunteers; HLDRS = Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons); IG = Irish Guards; KRH = King’s Royal Hussars; LANCS = Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (King’s, Lancashire and Border); LD = Light Dragoons; LOWLAND = 52nd Lowland Regiment; MERCIAN = Mercian Regiment; NRTE = Naval Reactor Test Establishment; PARA = Parachute Regiment; PWRR = Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment; QDG = Queen’s Dragoon Guards; QOY = Queen’s Own Yeomanry; QRH = Queen’s Royal Hussars; R ANGLIAN = Royal Anglian Regiment; R IRISH = Royal Irish Regiment; R WELSH = Royal Welsh; RAF = Royal Air Force; RDG = Royal Dragoon Guards; RGR = Royal Gurkha Rifles; RHF = Royal Highland Fusiliers; RL = Royal Lancers; RM = Royal Marines; RN = Royal Navy; RRF = Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; RSB = Royal Scots Borderers; RTR = Royal Tank Regiment; RWxY = Royal Wessex Yeomanry; RY = Royal Yeomanry; SCOTS DG = Royal Scots Dragoon Guards; SG = Scots Guards; SNIY = Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry; WG = Welsh Guards; YORKS = Yorkshire Regiment;

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