Psionic Ascension Fix For Stellaris

Psionic Ascension Fix For Stellaris

A quick and dirty fix for various bugs I’ve observed while using the Psionic Ascension perks.

WARNING: This mod has only been tested by me so far, and I am sure I have not managed to test all possible scenarios. Please back up your saves and use with care.

– When awakening secondary species, name of species is now displayed in event text
– Subspecies no longer recombine into one upon awakening, but instead retain their distinct traits
– Wrong event message no longer displayed for secondary awakenings after the first
– Founder species no longer automatically changed to most recently awakened species
– Existing leaders, including those in pool, now get psionic trait upon full awakening (not 100% sure this was broken before, but I’ve seen inconsistencies and it seems to be working now)

– Species no longer receive name changes (Ultra-/Trans-/etc) when awakening
– No tooltip for Mind Over Matter in languages besides English (I think)

Not fixed:
– Bugs relating to awakening species during ongoing genetic modification
– General bugs relating to picking your founder/primary species out from subspecies

Not (purposefully) altered:
– Random development of psionic trait in leaders from partially awakened species
– Random partial awakening of pops in other empires when awakening other species

– Overrides events utopia.200, utopia.203, utopia.2600, utopia.2601, utopia.2602, utopia.2650, utopia.2651, utopia.2652 and utopia.2653
– Ought to be compatible with any mod that does not also interact with these events

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