Primitive Players Stellaris

Primitive Players Stellaris

1.6 Adams compatible!

It is the dawn of a new age for your species. You begin in 2100 with primitive buildings. Almost all starting techs must be researched. You get a vanilla weapon tech, fission power, chemical thrusters, basic labs, and a theory about how FTL travel might someday work (as in the Pre-FTL Players mods). Ships, once you can build them, can be equipped with 2 slower than light drives that travel at ~0.5 and 0.99 c

Required mod:
None. PreFTL players is not required and in fact will cause bugs if used along with this mod.

Recommended mods:
For hyperlane only games, use the hyperlane mod from the collection linked in the section header along with this one. You’ll probably want something that expands colonizability in order to settle your home system. I recommend the Colonizeable Home Systems mod, which does still work despite being out of date. Wait a month after game start for its events to fire. You may also find the FTL Probe mod useful for initial exploration. Anex’s Enhanced AI is fully compatible and recommended.

This is the initial draft, my coauthor has some very interesting ethics related event chains in work to liven up the intial years.

Mods with predefined special systems (Various Sol mods, some mod races like silfae’s) may not start as intended with this mod. All of the vanilla base tech files had to be overwritten to avoid duplicate techs giving you the starting techs. Drive components had to be overwritten to get STL and FTL to upgrade. Other parts of the mod should be compatible.

Overwritten vanilla files:
– 00_utilities_drives – conflict with mods that add low tech drives or alter vanilla drives
– Default, Sol, and Deneb empire initializers – conflict with all Sol system mods, homeworld changing mods, etc.
– 00_phys_tech, 00_soc_tech, and 00_eng tech – conflict with alterations to vanilla basic techs
– event game_start.4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 – changes to swarm timing, nomad timing, techs for advanced empires, mechanist / syncretic starting pops, or starting ships
– event unrest.4200 – revolt frequency
– events pirate.4, country.200 – Pirate and cultist event chain triggers
– anomaly.2551, .2552, and .2561 – Shipyard and gas giant derelict events

Pode, Malevolence, MightNight
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