Pragmatic Materialism Mod

Pragmatic Materialism Mod

This is a simple mod that adds a new ascension perk for materialist and fanatic materialist empires that gives them access to the psionic theory tech. It kinda bugged me that my scientifically minded empire would completely disregard all psionics as unscientific when the empire next door was communicating solely via telepathy with an immortal god-empress. This simply lets your materialists realize that the material universe is stranger then they thought.

The conditions for the perk are:
-Your empire must be materialist or fanatic materialist (obviously)
-Your empire must have taken two Ascension Perks already
-You must not have the Synthetic Evolution perk
-Must not already have researched the Psionic Theory tech already

1.6.* Compatible
This mod only adds stuff, it doesn’t change any vanilla files, so it should be compatible with any other mods

Paradox, for making a great game

Feel free to do whatever with this, just give me credit if you use any of it.

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