Population Overhaul For Stellaris

Population Overhaul For Stellaris

*Now updated to work with 1.7.1 Bradbury beta*

Have you ever felt that your planets fill with pops too quickly and that every species reproduces at more or less the same rate, that the breeding traits dont feel worthwhile as by the time you have different species in your empire all your homeworlds are already full? Well this mod is the overhaul for you!

This mod aims to overhaul the basic population growth mechanics already in the game changing base values and adding additional traits based around this mechanic. The goals of this mod are to make alternative options like migration and robots more useful and interesting as well as adding more variety to different species and creating new scenarios such as your democratic republic being overrun from within by a race of rapid breeding authoritarian bugs.

*Warning this mod is currently being tested and is therefore not balanced yet*

何: Design and Code
Thighs: Artwork

Current features:
– Population growth slowed down by roughly 3 times (this includes base and per pop increases) this means without modifers it will take roughly 12 years for your first pop to grow in a new game this was estimated to be a more realistic population growth rate based on an average 1% per year increase in world population.
– New Traits added to the game free and selectable by AI and players they are aimed to represent differing method of reproduction and thus the rate at which a species would be able to populate.
– Single births – 1 to 3 children born at a time, currently no specific bonuses or penalties.
– Litters – 2 to 8 children born at a time, provides a bonus to growth rate and a penalty to lifespan
– Broods – 10 to 20 and higher, significant impact on both growth rate and lifespan, leader recruit cost reduction
– Gestators – Long pregnacy/incubation, penalty to growth rate and bonus to lifespan
– Exclusive parents – Parents raise a single child at a time, severe penalty to growth rate and bonus to lifespan,
tile production bonuses
– An additional trait slot to allow you to have the same traits as previously but now with 1 reproduction trait as well

Upcoming features:
– Balancing and tweaking, adjusting numbers to ensure all traits are viable and fun to play with.
– Additional Secondary Traits, currently planned are Directed, Paracytic and Syncretic Breeding traits meant to augment the existing choices and have some unique possibilities.

All feedback is welcome please let me know of any bugs, issues or exploits youve found.

何, Thighs
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