Pop Growth Tweaks Stellaris

Pop Growth Tweaks Stellaris

I felt that population growth in Banks/Utopia was ridiculously slow due to global food, compared to prior verisons.

This mod aims to fix that. Rather than putting population growth on a straight line, I’ve used the values in 00_defines.txt to put it on a slight curve, meaning that smaller planets end up having a niche in stabilizing growth rates if migration is allowed.

As a planet grows, it will experience a slight boom until about 16 population, after which it will slow a bit.

It doesn’t take a hivemind 120 years to fill a 100% habitable 25 slot planet anymore.

Example of vanilla growth.[i.imgur.com]

Example of what this mod does.[i.imgur.com]

There is still some tweaking to be done, and I welcome your feedback as to whether it feels too fast now.

This mod changes the following values in 00_defines.txt, and will not be compatible with other mods that do so:


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