Playable Robots For Stellaris

Playable Robots For Stellaris

Version 1.52

Adds the ability to play as lovable and violent robots to Stellaris.

Select them from the “Android” category on the Empire creation screen.

Mod Features:
  • Adds 16 Playable Android Races
  • Android Variants, 84 Total Skins
  • Android Name List
  • Android City Type
  • Android Ship Type
  • 3 New Synthetic Themed Government Types
  • Full Support for Various Auto-Generated Robot Empires (Currently Disabled)
  • Works for multiplayer
  • Should Work with Many Other Mods

Allows for the player to choose between playing as a full robot (buildable pops only, no food) or as a regular species (all rules as normal).
It’s completely optional and restricted to players only, so if you only want the portraits/ship types it’s not a problem.

All you need to do is select the appropriate option on the event at game-start.

Complete Robot Experience Features:
  • Your Pops no longer reproduce naturally
  • Pops are purchasable from the “Build” menu on the “Surface” screen of your planetary view.
  • Your Pops do not consume food, but are poor at producing it
  • All Pops cost 1 Energy/month
  • Options for immortality and sectors auto-building new pops
  • The “Robotic Workers” “Droid Workers” and “Synthetic Workers” upgrade your Pops instead of unlocking vanilla robot Pops
  • Support for all species classes to be synthetic (ie. Avian Reptillain Fungoid Android etc.)
  • Full support for races added in “Playable Invaders”
  • Completely optional, simply not selecting the “Synthetic” option at the beginning of your campaign will allow your species to function as if it were vanilla
Special Thanks
  • Shadowclaimer for some of the excellent recolors
  • Source for help with upgrading pops.
  • MrRaoul for allowing me to integrate his fantastic Fix for GUI and multiples ships/cities
Known Issues/Limitations
  • Built pops only copy traits from vanilla and the mod
  • AI Races do not spawn naturally. This will be changed if I can figure out how to weight them low compared to other species.
  • Android ship type does not highlight orange when clicked. Why? I don’t know.
  • Your species name is lost when choosing to become synthetic. Causes some text bugs.
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