Planetary Extermination Mod

Planetary Extermination Mod

Call the Exterminatus
As a militarist emperor you deserve all the power your empire can afford. Now you can demonstrate true might and strength by destroying planets and all life there. Both enemy and friend will be affright of you. Nuke the heretics of your border colonies, melt down the last enemy’s world and rule the galaxy by scare.

What it does
The mod introduces a new policy called “Planetary Extermination” for militarist empires only. That allows an empire to order Exterminatus to an enemy planet as soon as the fortifications of that planet are down. You can then choose to bomb the planet by nukes (like that what the primitives do to their planets) or destroy the planet by the Exterminatus. The planet will then be nothing than a molten cube in the space. Ringworlds can only get the Exterminatus which transforms it to damaged segments.

Also you can deploy a Exterminatus order on your own colonies for true power purposes. The order can be deployed through a planet edict. You will then get a prompt simliar to the bombardment to choose how the destruction should be.

Both actions are considered evil and ALL empires will hate you for these actions.

The options in detail
Nuke (bombardment & self) – Turns the planet into a tomb world and leaves some tile blockers found on tomb worlds.
Exterminatus (bombardment & self) – Turns the planet into a molten world.
Bio Chemical Weapon (bombardment) – Cleans a planet from population but makes the atmosphere temporarily toxic.

Bombardment options appear on full bombarding/armageddon when fortifications reach zero. (For hive minds the bombardment stance must be limited)
Self options appear as planetary edicts on your colonies.

Known Issues

Side notes
For the bombardment action you must bomb with full or armageddon stance.
Habitats are completely untouched, I may implement a destruction option for them as I see fit.
Exterminatus makes a planet molten, I know there are mods for terraforming that planet class but you install those mods for a reason, so why should I implement a new planet class for not terraforming an exterminated planet?!

The mod was developed in 1.5.0 and tested in 1.5.1 so there shouldn’t be any problems. If you find any problems or mod conflicts please report. I may be able to fix it.

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