Planet-Wide City Mod For Stellaris

Planet-Wide City Mod For Stellaris

This is my first real mod. I made it for personal use, but I thought others might like it. It adds a new megastructure called an “urban world”. It is a worldwide city, like Coruscant from Star Wars. It also adds another type of megastructure called a “hive world”. It is loosely based on the hive worlds and forge worlds from 40K. Finally, you can build an orbital array that can make the building of vanilla starships cheeper.

The urban worlds are specialized to increase energy, research, and influence production at the expense of other factors, while hive worlds increase mineral production at the expense of other factors.

(For my early subscribers, the Utopia DLC caused me to more or less rewrite this mod, many things have changed, some things have been simplified, some things removed because they are no longer needed, like ringworld building, some things do not work like I thought they would, so please, be gentle, I am still learning to mod. Utopia DLC is required, I think. It might work without it, but I am not sure.)

You need to be able to build habitats in order to build my mod’s megastructures, so you will have to progress down the tech tree some and be “voidborn”.

This mod is overpowered. I tend to play this way for role-playing reasons, so I will most likely not focus on balancing features.

This mod should be compatible with pretty much anything else as I have not overwritten any files.

Please comment, they are appreciated.


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I am now on Patreon. One may donate to me if they are feeling generous. Remember, my mod is completely free and always will be, but any donations really help me out.

Emperor Scorpio
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