Pirate Codex Government Type For Stellaris

Pirate Codex Government Type For Stellaris

This mod adds a custom pirate-themed authority and 46 unique civics for the player to choose from. It works with AI empires, but a policy to forbid AI empires from using it is also included. It probably is not very balanced.

This should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t replace 00_subjects.txt or 00_tributary.txt

The civics are:

Arms Dealers – Increases happiness and trade attractiveness by 10%
Backroom Deals – Increases trade attractiveness by 20% and reduces the cost of consumer goods by 5%
Battle Hardened – Increases the starting skill level of all leaders to 3, but increases the leader recruitment cost by 150%
Big Damn Heroes – Increases damage against Reavers by 25%, increases damage against Pirates (including Pirate Lords and One Banner empires), the Swarm, extradimensionals, robots, and the Shroud by 10%, and gives you +20 reputation with regular empires
Bounty Hunters – Gives you a special army type and allows you to sell an enemy governor for 500 minerals and energy when you successfully capture a planet (does not work on sector governors)
Cannoneers – Increases ship damage by 10% and fire rate by 5%
Chemical Weapons – Unlocks Scourge Missiles at the start of the game and gives you the option of irradiating a planet for one year and a half after you reduce its defenses to 0
Clandestine Knowledge – Increases your monthly influence by 1 and shows you the location of one random Guardian on the map
Code of Honor – Increases monthly influence by 1, trust growth by 10%, and leader lifespan by 10 years; also reduces diplomatic influence cost by 10%
Con Artists – Increases trade attractiveness by 30% and trust growth by 10%, but decreases energy generation by 10% and unity generation by 5%
Cutthroats – Increases army damage and army morale damage by 10%
Escape Plans – Decreases emergency FTL jump damage by 10% and reduces the emergency FTL cooldown by 25%
Drug Dealers – Increases army morale by 10% and happiness by 5%; decreases the cost of consumer goods by 10%
Fortresses – Increases planetary fortifications by 8%, military station hull points by 10%, and allows for the creation of one unique military station in a ruler’s lifetime
Glorious Fleet – Increases ship hull points by 8% and allows you to create an oversized ship
Information Network – Increases planet sensor range by 10% and establishes communications with all enclaves at the start of the game
Iron Fist – Increases monthly unity by 1, and decreases unrest by 10; allows you to take full ownership of recently conquered worlds, but increases army upkeep by 200%
Leviathan – Creates a controllable guardian dragon in your system at the start of the game, but decreases your monthly mineral gain by 65% and your monthly energy gain by 10%
Loose Organization – Increases fleet capacity by 80%, but decreases unity output by 45%
Matter Reconstructors – Gives you a chance to create a copy of a neutral ship that you just destroyed (does not work on regular ships or crisis ships), but increases your ship cost by 25%
Mercenaries – Increases army health by 20% and army damage by 10%, and reduces army build costs by 10%
Mining Camps – Increases monthly minerals output by 15%, but reduces happiness by 5%
Mobsters – Increases army build speed by 20% and decreases army build cost by 20%, but reduces army morale by 10%
Monster Hunters – Increases damage against various neutral fleets (including guardians) by 20%
One Banner – Gives you control of all pirate fleets at the start of the game, changes your country type to a custom one that ignores empire borders and can survive without a planet, increases your fleet capacity by 500 and reduces your ship upkeep costs by 100% (you will have to pay for the first few months), but every other faction will hate you and you cannot form alliances
Pillagers – Gives you up to 60 minerals, energy, and food each month you bombard a planet
Pioneers – Reduces the increased costs from building a frontier outpost away from your territory by 100%, but reduces your influence gain rate by 50%
Pirate Lord – Makes you start with a Pirate Galleon and changes your country type to a custom one that ignores empire borders and can survive without a planet
Pirate Radio – Increases ship upkeep by 10%, frontier outpost build cost by 100%, but gives you a random assortment of pirate ships at one of your frontier outposts (includes edict to disable)
Pyramid Schemes – Increases energy output by 15%, but decreases happiness by 5%
Rabble Rousers – Your fleets increase unrest by 20 and decrease happiness on other empires’ planets by 10%; does not work on Hive Minds, Reavers, empires with the Tight Ship civic, or other empires with Rabble Rousers
Ration Distribution – Decreases food consumption by 20%
Reavers – Increases morale damage by 25%, increases happiness and food output by 10%, allows you to build reaver armies, makes your ships reduce the happiness of non-reaver worlds by 15%, changes your country type into a custom one that is hostile to everyone and can only declare war, gains food when purging pops, gains research when destroying ships
Renegades Welcome – Increases migration attraction by 5% and gives you a chance of getting a free leader approximately every 120 days
Scavengers – Decreases ship costs by 5% and gives you a small amount of energy and minerals whenever you destroy a ship
Scrapyards – Decreases ship costs by 10% and increases ship repair rates by 10%
Scorched Earth – Orbital bombardment has an increased chance of killing pops and ruining buildings, as well as a chance to destroy ruined buildings
Secret Caches – Increases maximum energy credits by 5000 and maximum minerals by 2500
Slave Traders – Gain energy credits for each non-robotic pop you purge and unlock slave armies at the start of the game
Spy Cabal – Gives you the option of assassinating enemy governors for influence or kidnapping and reprogramming them to work for you after your army takes control of a planet (does not work on sector governors); also gives you an edict that makes you kill your enemy’s ruler after you win a war against them
Swift Scourge – Increases ship movement speed by 10% and ship combat speed by 10%
Tight Ship – Increases unity output by 15% and decreases planet unrest by 10
Treasure Hunters – Increases anomaly discovery chance by 15% and survey speed by 5%
Treasure Planet – Makes it so a random planet in your starting system has a massive deposit of 90 energy and minerals at the start of the game
Vagabonds – Increases habitability by 10% and cuts colony development speed in half, but your starting colony ship shelters are replaced by basic shelters that must be upgraded
Wanted – Increases unity output by 50%, but decreases leader lifespan by 20 years
Some civics are incompatible with certain ethics, and the Pirate Codex authority is incompatible with any vanilla civics other than Mechanists, Syncretic Evolution, and Fanatic Purifiers.

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