Perfect Start – Select Ruler Agenda, Traits and More Stellaris

Perfect Start – Select Ruler Agenda, Traits and More Stellaris

Tired of re-rolling over and over for the perfect start, or just a decent one? This might just be the mod for you.

Select agenda for your starting ruler.
Select traits for your starting and subsequent rulers (except hivemind). All vanilla traits and their prerequisite tech requirements are included.
Rulers can slowly level up, when they reach level 5, they will gain a selectable bonus trait. Philosopher King Civic makes the rulers level up faster.
Use Policies to set a “National Agenda”, future rulers will choose the National Agenda as their own personal agendas.
Gives 3 geniuses at game start and your surveyor will always have a survey related trait.
Adds a country edict that costs 2 influence per month to train genius scientists/researcher drones, takes 15 years on average to get one genius. Saves the trouble of firing and rehiring scientists (or just to dump excess influence per month).
Select your first governor’s trait.
The above features DO NOT affect AIs.

After selecting an agenda, the starting ruler will look different. On the bright side, he/she will be younger (28 yo). This process can be skipped to keep the original portrait. You can then use the new policies to select agendas for your next ruler (phenotype unaffected).

If you want more bonus traits, type “event ps_select_ruler_traits.03” in the console (ideally after selecting the first two traits).

Minor Balance Tweak (Affects AIs)

National purity: extremely unlikely in xenophile countries
Native privilege: unlikely in non-xenophobe countries
Slave optimization: extremely unlikely in egalitarian countries
Xeno outreach: extremely unlikely in xenophobe countries
Compatible with patch 1.7
Might have issues with mods use vanilla agenda file.
Not achievement compatible
Level 5 leaders who haven’t gained a trait through leveling have a small chance to gain a bonus trait over time. (will implement this with next major patch, probably)
If you liked the mod, please consider rating it. Do let me know if you run into any problems or bugs. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below ????

Expert Map-Starer L. E.
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