Overloaded Weapons Mod

Overloaded Weapons Mod

Version: 1.5.*


For the fighters that used to be in this mod:

Install Overloaded Fighters


This mod is designed to provide weapons that should already
be available to users of the base game, but aren’t. They aren’t
meant to be straight upgraded versions of existing weapons, but rather
weapons that offer more variety of equipment to choose from.

– Adjusted weapons stats, reduced power cost, range and slightly lowered
fire rate and armor/shield penetration of XL and L lances.
– Slightly adjusted power cost, range, and sheild penetration
of XL Mass Accelerator weapon.
– Tweaked settings of Stormfire Point-Defense Medium weapon.
– Created Ripper Point-Defense weapon.

Available XL Weapons:
Particle Hammer:
This weapon works similar to the Titan Laser, but not as powerful.
The damage and stats profile are modeled after the energy lance
style of weapons, but the damage output is much higher.

Mass Penetrator:
This weapon provides a kinetic alternative to the Particle
Hammer. This follows the damage and stats profile of the
vanilla XL Kinetic weapons, but hits a lot harder.

Available Large Weapons
Particle Laser:
Large version of the XL Particle Lance. Balanced to be useful
but not 100% best in all possible use cases compared to other
energy weapons.

Tachyon Laser:
Large version of the XL Tachyon Lance.

Available Medium Weapons
Auto Cannon Point-Defense:
A mixture of Flak Artillery and Auto-cannons. Not as
damaging and not the same range as an auto-cannon, but fires
faster and hits harder than Flak Artillery.

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