Overloaded Fighters For Stellaris

Overloaded Fighters For Stellaris

Version: 1.5.*


This mod is designed to provide some variations on the standard
fighters and bombers in the game.

– Added technology to research in order to unlock.
– Changed stats, still tweaking relative balance to try to not
overpower vanilla ships.
– Renamed escort to multi-role
– Renamed interceptor to area superiority.
– Renamed Torpedo attack to Torpedo bomber.

Strike Craft Variants
Multi-Role Wing Types:
Provides closer CAS for fleets. Engagement range is closer, fighters
hit harder, fighters have increased weapon range, fighters use
auto cannon style weapon. Lower evasion but has shields to not
allow small PD weapons to damage till something else hits them.

Area Superiority Wing Types:
Faster fighter meant for CAP, will charge out and engage threats incoming
to the fleet. Fires slower, but hits harder than base fighter. Evasion
and speed is increased substantially. The fighters damage is slightly
lower but still should win vs any other fighter. No shields, ship is
built for speed.

Torpedo Bomber Wings:
Heavy bombers. Hit twice as hard as normal bombers, engages at longer
range, and has shields to defend against small PD weapons getting
the first damage hit. Vulnerable to other fighters and flak cannons.

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