Orc Mod For Stellaris

Orc Mod For Stellaris

[ Two New Species, animated with unique clothing for Generals, Admirals, and Governors. ] [ Unique trait “Tribal Wayfarer” that unlocks special edicts and government types. ] [ Government type “Way of War”, reducing corvette cost and army upkeep. ] [ A naming scheme “Tribal Naming” that names planets, ships, and leaders with 100+ randomized names like “Modabur the Dreaded”, Nil’zag Grok, Gazrog Mo’dan, etc ]

If you ever wanted to play the mythical Orc or the Ogre, here they are. This mod has been tested with other species and color mods, and is compatible. Let me know of any bugs. Thank you! It’s been a painstaking journey, tell me if you like it! The naming scheme includes names derived from Morrowind, Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, and other fantasy realms, but I based them on my own sort of naming scheme.

–Compatible with other Species mods, color mods, and government mods. I’ve tested this, feel free to post comments if you like, bugs, etc.

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