Novus Orbis – Stellaris Overhaul Mod For Stellaris

Novus Orbis – Stellaris Overhaul Mod For Stellaris

—== Novus Orbis ==—
Change your gaming experience with Novus Orbis, the mod overhaul that adds tons of features and redesigns the way we play Stellaris. The main goal originally was to remove sectors, improve ground combat, and expand the options for building up colonies. What we have today is a wide range of new content for everyone to enjoy. This mod also has many influences from the great modders in our community, please see the special thanks section for more info.

Updated 5/21/17
Version 1.03, see the Change Notes for more info.

This mod overwrites 00_buildings_txt and is not compatible with other mods that overwrite this file. This is the #1 cause of issues with capital buildings. This mod will work as intended if you disable other mods that overwrite this file.

Buildings Overhaul Pack
Adds 115 new buildings! (See the included spreadsheet for tons of info)
2 New Capital Buildings, increasing the tiers to allow for advanced Superplex worlds
2 New Strategic Local Resources and buildings to harvest them
Reworked AI Weights so that the AI can make smart decisions on what buildings to use
Reworked some vanilla buildings for balance
Spaceport Modules
Added 22 Modules (8 Ethos Unique) and balanced/organized existing
Improved the Military Strength Calculations for Spaceports to better reflect their true power
Improved Ground Combat
14 New Armies (8 Assault & 6 Defense)
Ground combat lasts longer (more realistic)
Rebalanced existing armies to fit with the new armies
3 top tiered armies for each ascension type (Biology, Synthetic, Psionic)
Removed all Attachments (will consider adding again once this game mechanic is redone)
More armies are now needed to reduce Unrest
Increased Planetary Defenses per Pop
Zero Planetary Defense now only allows normal damage against defense armies instead of double
Government and Empire Revisions
All starting Homeworlds have 25 Tiles (does not apply to empires that appear during gameplay)
Increased frequency of Pre-FTL Sentients
Improved AI Budgets & Threat Evaluation (Slightly more aggressive)
Multiple Crisis Events can trigger in a single game
Trade deals are now 5 to 30 years in length
Research Agreements now only provide 15% bonus
Increased cost and cooldown for moving Capital
Massive Galaxies
Added 4 new Galaxy Sizes and scaled existing (Epic = 2500 Stars)
Adjusted the galaxy types to better fit with the new sizes
No Sectors Needed Edict
Optional Edict that removes the need for Sectors, allowing full control of all planets
The edict increases Core Planet Cap by 900
It is free and can be removed at any time
Also increased cost of consumer goods per planet
Leader Improvements
Increased Leader Pool Size to 5
Increased Leader Level Cap to 10 (Recommended to use with Leader Skill Cap EFS)
Improvements to Leaders (Monthly XP, Improved XP, Higher Caps)
Over 80 new technologies to unlock the new Buildings, Armies, and Modules
Increased allowable Tech to Research to 4 at start
Auto Exploration is now a starter tech
Added tech to unlock the tier 4 labs (Engineering Lab IV, Bio Lab IV, and Physics Lab IV)
Quality of Life & Balancing
Minor Camera & Zoom Improvements
Better Hyperdrives
Only 1 Observation Station per planet
Frontier Outposts have a extra cost of 25 Influence
Xenos will migrate slightly shorter distances, keeping them within local systems more often
Tons of other smaller tweaks to improve gameplay and AI (See Defines to learn more)
Be aware that other mods that change Defines can cause conflicts

NOTE: This is not compatible with AlphaMod.


NOTE: You can remove at your own risk if you desire, be sure to remove all files per group

map/galaxy (Massive Galaxies)
map/setup_scenarios (Massive Galaxies)

empire_initializers.txt (25 Tile Homeworlds)
prescripted_species_systems.txt (25 Tile Homeworlds)
special_system_initializers.txt (25 Tile Homeworlds)

crisis_events_1.txt (Multiple Crises)
crisis_events_2.txt (Multiple Crises)
crisis_events_3.txt (Multiple Crises)

00_army_attachments.txt (Removes Army Attachments)

Bug Reports or Known Issues
I have started a discussion for Bug Reports and Known Issues where you can report anything that needs to be resolved.

Some plans for the future include:

Further expand empire diversity (New Traits, Civics, Personalities)
New Anomalies and Empire Events
Additional Edicts to customize your empires
Revision of Traditions and Ascension Perks
Improved UI Interface
And tons more that are further down the road
Thanks in advance to anyone that plans to do localisations. I expect some changes in the next few weeks, so it might be best to hold off until bugs are fixed (I tried to minimize them, but anything is possible)

Thanks to RED, creator of Stellaris Tycoon. He is no longer active, but his mod gave some inspiration to what we have here. Some of his buildings are directly in use in this mod as well.

Credit to King Lemming and his wonderful work with the Stellar Expansion series. Several buildings are based on my personal use of Stellar Expansion and Stellar Expansion – Strategic Resources.

Thanks to AlphaAsh for such fantastic work on Homeworld Ethics, which has directly influenced some of the themes for buildings used in this mod.

Thanks to Dumuzii for his really awesome mod, Ethos Unique Techs and Buildings which was my original inspiration for venturing into ethics specific buildings.

Thanks to Cybrxkhan for creating the fantastic Cybrxkhan’s Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris. I have included several namelists into this mod to compliment Massive Galaxies.

I appreciate all for taking the time to try out this mod and share any feedback. I hope you enjoy the new content!

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