Notification Spam Control Mod

Notification Spam Control Mod

Notification Spam Control helps keep your notification bar clear of spam in large games. The mod currently makes two changes:

First, it entirely disables notifications for diplomatic actions that don’t involve your empire. If two of your neighbors decide to sign a migration pact, you won’t know about it until you check the Contacts window.

Second, it adds seven new policies to control what proposals AI empires are allowed to make to you. The policies cover:
– Migration Pacts
– Non-Aggression Pacts
– Defense Pacts
– Federation membership offers and requests
– Federation association offers and requests
– Requests to become your vassal, protectorate, or tributary
– Trade offers

If you choose to activate any or all of these policies, the AI will not send any proposals of that type to your empire.

Note that these policies have no effect on Player empires. If another Player is spamming you with migration treaties, you’ll need to tell them to knock it off.

German localisation provided by Ryuichiro
Russian localisation provided by Kpoxa

Compatibility Notes
This mod is for Stellaris v1.7.2 only, and changes the following vanilla Stellaris file:

It is incompatible with any other mods which modify this file.

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