No Research Penalties Mod

No Research Penalties Mod

Compatible with version 1.5.1+

Removes the per Population and Planet research penalty.

NGameplay = {
TECH_COST_MULT_NUM_COLONIES = 0 # Each Planet adds +X% tech cost
TECH_COST_MULT_NUM_POPS = 0 # Each non-free Pop adds +X% tech cost

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If you want an improved research speed the more planets you have, try this mod: Research Improve Per Planet

1. Find the mod in your Steam directory (on my PC it is here):
C:Program Files (x86)
2. Unpack it to C:Users[Your Username]DocumentsParadox InteractiveStellarismod (it may give you an error for the “descriptor.mod” file, ignore it for first) and name the folder no_research_penalties_modded
3. Find the commondefines99_nrp_defines.txt file and modify the values to what you want (0.01 =1%)
4. Get these two files from my onedrive (no virusses or scripts, honestly!)no_research_penalties_modded.mod and descriptor.mod
5. Place the no_research_penalties_modded.mod file in the mod folder and the descriptor.mod file into the modno_research_penalties_modded folder.
6. Restart Stellaris
7. Enjoy!
(if this doesn’t work, just message me)

Does this Mod apply to AI?
Yes, this mod should apply to AI, too.

Mod compatibility?
This mod should be compatible with all mods that don’t change

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