New Building: Fleet Supply Station Stellaris

New Building: Fleet Supply Station Stellaris

New Building: Fleet Supply Station (which grants +30 Naval Capacity)

In the vanilla game there is lack of a way that a player can increase the Naval Capacity — Naval Capacity can be increased by Spaceport Level, Populations and can be multiplied by technolgoies, but if you want to have an even larger fleet, you will have to expand your empire, which may not be possible for all the time. Therefore I added a new building which grants Naval Capacity to supply later game.

The building needs the technology “Doctrine: Fleet Support”, costs 200 minerals + 25 influence to build, and grants +30 Naval Capacity, and is capped at the count of your planets.

If you find any Fleet Supply Station counting issue, please let me know that. Also, you may use console command “event fss_check_variable.2” to instantly refresh.

Files overwritten:
No files were overwritten.

v1.05 – Current
– Made the building icon some different so that it will no longer be confused with habitat solar power processor.
– Update for 1.5 release.
The building can now be built in an orbital habitat.
– In previous versions, you can’t build more Fleet Supply Stations if naval capacity you used is less than 60%. Now the limit is remove, because the player should feel free.
– Fleet Supply Station is now capped at the count of your planets.
– Increased the effect to +30 (from +20).
– The upkeep cost is removed (from 2 minerals + 2 energy).
v1.00 Release version

Known issues:
1. Currently sectors are allowed to build Fleet Supply Stations, but they will actually demolish the buildings. If they are not allowed to demolish, they will move the working pops to other tiles. However, in 1.5, building’s planet modifier as well as country modifier do not need pops to be effective, so this is okay.
2. This building may not be so useful because it can save no more than some of the fleet ovsesize punishment. Also, a Fleet Supply Station occupies a planet tile which could be a production building. If players can’t build ships beyond their naval capacity, this building is undoubtedly useful, but they can, so the naval capacity increasing effect should be discussed about.

Should be compatible with all other mods.

To Other Mod Authors
You don’t need my permission to use(copy) the features from my mod to make your own mods, because my works are open to and available for everyone. However, if you are in problem making your own mod, I will probably not provide any help.

Dazz & Kobato
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