Nations of the World in Space: G20 Light For Stellaris

Nations of the World in Space: G20 Light For Stellaris

This mod brings the G20 nations (and a few chosen others!) to the stars!

The nations of Earth have taken off to the stars to settle a strange and challenging new galaxy. These nations have their grounds in reality, but have since grown to resemble something akin to a caricature of the real deal – I am heavily influenced by both SMAC and Freelancer.

This version is a “Light” version, meaning it only brings us the bare-bones nations and flags, but little else. With time, I will add name lists as well as a back story and maybe some custom events.

Right now the mod features 34 nations (some multiples).

These are, in no particular order:
China (Middle Kingdom):
– Despotic Hegemony
– Fanatic Collectivist, Materialist

Eastern Coastal USA (Liberty Consortium): Thrifty
– Plutocratic Oligarchy
– Individualist, Materialist, Militarist

The South/Midwestern USA (Christendom): Agrarian
– Theocratic Republic
– Spiritualist, Militarist, Individualist

Western Coastal USA (Pacifican Technate): Intelligent
– Science Directorate
– Fanatic Materialist, Xenophile

India (Hindi Union): Nomadic, Decadent, Rapid Breeders, Communal
– Collectivist, Fanatic Spiritualist
– Theocratic Oligarchy

Japan (Nipponese Co-Prosperity Sphere): Conformists
– Divine Mandate
– Spiritualist, Militarist, Xenophobe

Germany (German Federated Stars): Industrious, Natural Engineers, Slow Breeders
– Peaceful Bureaucracy
– Pacifist, Materialist, Xenophile

East Germany (German Democratic Star Republic): Conformist
– Despotic Hegemony
– Materialist, Collectivist, Xenophobe

Russia (Russian Cosmosphere): Adaptive
– Despotic Hegemony
– Fanatic Materialist, Collectivist

Soviet Russia (Union of Soviet Star Republics): Resilient, Natural Physicists
– Fanatic Collectivists, Materialist
– Despotic Hegemony

Brazil (Regime Militar do Brasil): Adaptive, Agrarian, Sedentary, Slow Learners
– Military Junta
– Xenophile, Spiritualist, Militarist

Indonesia (Union of Javan Suns): Nomadic, Rapid Breeders
– Individualist, Xenophile, Spiritualist
– Indirect Democracy

France (Sixth Republic): Adaptive, Fast Breeders, Sedentary
– Indirect Democracy
– Individualist, Materialist, Militarist

England (Anglian Star Empire): Talented, Natural Physicists, Solitary.
– Enlightened Monarchy
– Pacifist, Fanatic Materialist

Scotland (Assembly of Alba): Thrifty
– Xenophile, Pacifist, Spiritualist
– Moral Democracy

Mexico (Mexican Empire): Nomadic, Communal
– Spiritualist, Militarist, Xenophile
– Military Junta

Italy (Roman League): Nomadic, Slow breeders, Communal
– Plutocratic oligarchy
– Spiritualist, Xenophile, Pacifist

South Korea (Korean Conglomerate): Industrious.
– Plutocratic Oligarchy
– Fanatic Materialist, Militarist

Saudi Arabia (Unified Clans of Arabia): Decadent, Nomadic, Agrarian
– Divine Mandate
– Fanatic Spiritualist, Militarist

Canada (Confederation of Canadia): Natural Sociologists, Charismatic
– Moral Democracy
– Fanatic Pacifists, Xenophile

Turkey (Turkish Sovereign Republic): Nomadic, Communal
– Theocratic Republic
– Spiritualist, Xenophobe, Militarist

Australia+NZ (Anzac Confederacy): Nomadic, Resilient, Charismatic, Solitary
– Indirect Democracy
– Individualist, Xenophobe, Militarist

Argentina (La Plata): Agrarian
– Military Republic
– Individualist, Militarist, Xenophobe

South Africa (South African Pact): Industrious, Resilient, Solitary
– Military Junta
– Collectivist, Militarist, Xenophobe

Spain+Portugal (Iberian Union): Communal, Charismatic
– Indirect Democracy
– Xenophile, Pacifist, Spiritualist


Balkan Nations (Balkan Bloc): Agrarian, Strong, Slow Breeders
– Collectivist, Militarist, Spiritualist
– Military Junta

Netherlands+Flanders (United Netherlands):Thrifty
– Xenophile, Pacifist, Materialist
– Enlightened Monarchy

Scandinavia (Nordic Council): Natural Sociologists, Talented, Weak
– Moral Democracy
– Fanatic Pacifist, Xenophile

Israel (Children of Zion): Thrifty, Strong, Solitary
– Militarist, Spiritualist, Xenophobe
– Military Republic

Nigeria/Black Africa (African Union): Nomadic, Rapid Breeders
– Xenophile, Militarist, Spiritualist
– Indirect Democracy

North Korea (Korean Democratic Stars): Industrious, Resilient, Solitary
– Fanatic Collectivist, Militarist
– Despotic Empire

Singapore (Singapore Technate): Intelligent
– Science Directorate
– Fanatic Materialist, Individualist

Switzerland (Helvetian Interstellar Confederation):
– Direct Democracy
– Materialist, Xenophobe, Militarist

Ireland (Irish Diaspora): Charismatic, Nomadic, Rapid Breeders, Nonadaptive
– Moral Democracy
– Pacifist, Xenophile, Materialist

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