Music Pack Mod

Music Pack Mod

Some new music for your space conquering.

The tracks i choose fits perfectly into the space genre.

Ironman/Achievement compatible.

66 Tracks at the moment. Maybe i will add more when i have the time.

Mod is compatible with other music mods, if there are no mods that use songs.txt and songs.asset
Mod is compatible with the original Stellaris Soundtrack
Mod is compatible with other music mods.

8 Tracks by Alienhand
5 Tracks from Endless Space
2 Tracks from Endless Space 2
3 Tracks from X:Rebirth
2 Tracks from Halo 4
15 Tracks from EVE Online
1 Track from John Dreamer
12 Tracks from Mass Effect
1 Track from Stellar Drone
1 Track from Command & Conquer 4
1 Track from Dead Space 3
1 Track from Elysium
2 Tracks from Interstellar
1 Track from John Williams (Star Wars Episode VII)
4 Tracks from TRON: Legacy
1 Song from Inception
1 Song from Serenity
3 Songs from the Martian
5 Tracks from Deus Ex Human Revolution
1 Track from Endless Legend
1 Track from Moon
1 Track from Two Steps From Hell
1 Track from XCOM Enemy Unknown

Credits & Copyrights:
jón hallur haraldsson – EVE Online
Sam Hulick – Mass Effect 1+3
Jack Wall – Mass Effect 2
John Dreamer
John Williams
FlyByNo – Endless Space, Endless Legend
Stellar Drone
Hans Zimmer – Interstellar, Inception
James Hanningan – C&C4, Dead Space 3
Daft Punk – TRON:Legacy
Ryan Amon – Elysium
Serenity – Metal Band
Harry Gregson-Williams – The Martian
Clint Mansell – Moon
Two Steps From Hell
Tim Wynn – XCOM Enemy Unknown
Michael McCann – Deus Ex Human Revolution
Neil Davigde – Halo 4
Alexei Zakharov – X:Rebirth

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