Mourne – Galaxy Initializers: Fermi Paradox Mod

Mourne – Galaxy Initializers: Fermi Paradox Mod

Mod Description
“It’s almost as if the galaxy is regularly wiped clean of all life by galactic crises or something.”

Adds in six new galaxy sizes and edits the vanilla galaxies’ permitted ranges for AI and special empires to allow for more control over the starting parameters. Wanted to start a game with no other empires? Now you can. Feel like a game with as many Fallen Empires as possible? Go for it.

This mod additionally changes the odds of Pre-FTL and Stone Age civilization to “0.” Please note that primitive civilizations will not appear in any galaxies, belonging to this Galaxy Initializers or otherwise, while this modification is active. AI Empires will still appear if you set the empire count to greater than “0.”

If you are interested in being able to disable AI starting empires while still having primitive civilizations that can eventually rise to challenge your domination of the galaxy, you may be interested in this project’s sister modification, Galaxy Intializers.

This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t overwrite files in the “Stellaris > Map > Setup_Scenarios” folder or “Stellaris > Common > Solar_System_Intializers.”

Mod Contents
Quantum Galaxy: 25 stars
Nano Galaxy: 75 stars
Tiny Galaxy: (as vanilla, permitted parameters expanded)
Small Galaxy: (as vanilla, permitted parameters expanded)
Medium Galaxy: (as vanilla, permitted parameters expanded)
Large Galaxy: (as vanilla, permitted parameters expanded)
Huge Galaxy: (as vanilla, permitted parameters expanded)
Vast Galaxy: 1250 stars
Expansive Galaxy: 1500 stars
Giant Galaxy: 2000 stars
Titanic Galaxy: 2500 stars

Nota Bene: I designed this for my own use. Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions, but I cannot guarantee that I will continue to develop this modification. Enjoy.

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