Morjan Domain Stellaris

Morjan Domain Stellaris

This mod adds a custom civilization, the Morjan Domain, a whole race consisting only super soldiers. They come with their own unique traits, own flag, insignia and their own civic.

The Civic “Bigger is better” gives bonues to armor, hitpoints, shields and allows the building of ruler ships for increased production cost and time and decreased evasion. Currently you are forced to start with this civic and can’t add or remove it later in the game.

The trait “Living Bioweapon” gives a massive habitability bonus and leader lifespan increase at the expense for increased food demand of each POP. While this makes terraforming not necessary any longer, and allows to colonize other planet types right from the start, colonisation is still difficult due to the increased food demand. Tile resources and orbital hydroponic farms become much more important.

The trait “Natural Soldiers” increases government ethic attraction und gives army combat bonuses.

English and German language is supported.
This mod is, of course, due to its change not achievement compatible. But all changes affect only this custom civilization. The rest of the game is left unchanged.

Testing and balancing is still in progress. This mod is in a very early stage so please go easy with me. Feedback is always appreciated. All necessary files are included and it should be compatible with other mods, since it only adds stuff and does not change anything in the vanilla game files.

Background history: Former humans, once abducted before the beginning of mankind’s known history by an ancient alien civilization, they were forcefully uplifted, genetically enhanced and enslaved to serve as superior frontline shock troopers in an ongoing galactic war. The project proved to be quite successfull – the creation of a living, biological weapon, intelligent and aggressive, pure bred super soldiers, somehting never seen before. At the end, forgotten in a distant corner of the galaxy, the Morjans were even able to outlive their creators and their wars, which downright consumed them. Now, finally free, after millennia of rebuilding and forging an own civilization, the Morjans are finally ready to create their own star-spanning empire. And to accomplish that they won’t hesitate to set the entire galaxy on fire and drown it in its own blood if they have to. Because, after all this time, fighting has always been their greatest quality.

This is, of course my own story in short. You can make up your own.

Origin: In short words? The trope “Transplanted Humans” led to the creation of a fanfiction years ago and now, with Stellaris, I was finally able to realize my fantasies. The Morjans are the result of many different influences, like the Helghast from Killzone, the Imperium of Mankind from WH40k, and a little bit Star wars.

Future steps: An own starting system.

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