Moar Science! (ship modules) For Stellaris

Moar Science! (ship modules) For Stellaris

Sick of lacking ship upgrades for the Science Ship? I know I am!
For only $0, you can be the owner of this perfect compact mod, perfectly compatible with the standard Stellaris Science Ship, and NSCs Science Cruiser.

The mod fits on any hard drive, any operating system, as long as you purchase with a perfect smile.

Get all these features, and more!
– 3 new archeology laboratories
– 3 new exploration laboratories

With included perfect extra armor and sublight speed modifiers! Just for you!

And if you order today, we throw in a perfect amount of cost per component, as balanced by the Paradox gods themselves; zero!
That’s right, each component fitted on your favorite science vessel only costs you a net $0. That’s perfect!

Order NOW, and get a free upgrade of your favorite perfect science vessel. Show all your friends!

Includes, gratis, free of charge as a special – forever, every time – a perfect way to explore your favorite galaxy.

These glorious new science laboratories will unlock alongside your favorite military ship combat computers, completely
obliterating the need for new research options – saving YOU time.

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