Militarists gain Unity from destroyed enemy ships Stellaris

Militarists gain Unity from destroyed enemy ships Stellaris

Militarists gain Unity from destroyed enemy ships

Since 1.5 militarists become very under powered, because they are lack of unity, so I think they should have their way to gain unity, to rival pacifist.

Militarists can gain unity from destroyed enemy ships. You may gain enough unity to unlock a tradition during a mid-game fleet battle.

Corvette: 2~20 unity
Destroyer: 4~40 unity
Cruiser: 8~80 unity
Battleship: 16~160 unity
Leviathan: 64~640 unity
Ships from other mod that are not supported yet: 2~20 unity
Nothing were overwritten, the only thing this mod does is adding an event fires when your fleet destroyed an enemy warship.

v1.00 Release version – Current

Compatible with all other mods. May never need an update.

Supported: New Ship Classes

To Other Mod Authors
You don’t need my permission to use(copy) the features from my mod to make your own mods, because my works are open to and available for everyone. However, if you are in problem making your own mod, I will probably not provide any help.

Dazz & Kobato
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