MEM Precursor Fix For Stellaris

MEM Precursor Fix For Stellaris

This Mod reintroduces the precursor fix previously being part of the More Events Mod.

1. Precursor quests can again be done by the player as well as the AI.
2. Vanilla Anomaly spawning mechanic (for filling up missing anomalies) has been disabled.
3. Instead of the Vanilla Anomaly spawning (NOTE : I mean the one that randomly spawns anomalies later in the game . Getting anomalies while surveying is untouched) there is now the Project spawning mechanic previously used by MEM.
4. There are no longer anomalies on the Precursor homeworlds. Instead the according events appear through on_actions when surveying.
5. Those with the quest will always get the reward when finding the homeworld. Other empires that have another quest will get the “someone got here first” message.

Please note: This Mod will disable your ability to gain acchievements while being active.

Sorry to those subscribing to the last upload. My Stellaris launcher loves to die while uploading an update so i had to do a reupload.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know so i can fix them ????

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