Massive Sol System for Primitive Players Mod

Massive Sol System for Primitive Players Mod

June 5th Update is out! Check the discussion forum or upload notes for more details!

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-Massively expanded number of planets & orbital bodies.
(34 total! Vanilla had 20.)
-24 New planet & moon textures.
(12 original, 10 from Real Sol Textures, 1 from I Love Sol)
-Two Modified Solar System custom starting systems
(Scaled to either a size 12 or size 25 starting planet. AI starts have been adjusted for balance. The size 12 start is if you’re looking for a slower start and to give the AI a desperately needed slight advantage.)
-Optimized for Primitive Players.
(Low tech buildings, lots of objects to survey, lots of potential stations to build.)
-Realistic planetary distances.
(Vanilla distances between planets are arbitrary.)
-Realistic relative planetary sizes
(To each other, not to distance. Stellaris can’t handle a true-to-life scale.)
-Revised scale.
(Planets will appear much more proportional to other stellar objects.)
-Revised star generation/spawn rate.
(Now /MUCH/ more realistic. Class M will be about ~76% of stars, etc)
-Tweaked planet/moon generation/spawn rate.
(Systems now have the potential for MANY more moons than vanilla, and they also have the potential to spawn completely berefit of planets.)

Started out as a version of Lion’s great ‘Sol System Expanded’ mod edited for Pode’s & Malevolence’s exciting ‘Primitive Players’ mod. I have been modifying & developing this mapset to be better suited for ‘Primitive Players’ and mods typically used with it. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!
(Will likely release a Vanilla optimized version in the near future!)

This mod is likely to be incompatible with:
Any mod that changes the default Sol System start.
Any mod that adjusts System Scale.
Any mod that adjusts vanilla stars.
If you’re curious about compatibility, I have a list of modified/utilized files in the Discussions section.

Future goals/ideas: [Obviously, some of these will be better suited to be companion or modular mods, and won’t be included in this one.] -Looking for solutions to be further compatible with The Belt.
(Currently have the asteroid belt simplified into Inner/Middle/Outer Belt, represented by Vesta/Ceres/Hygiea. Can’t make them much bigger.)
-Add planet modifiers to Sol system planets.
(Looks like it has to be done via event for some odd reason.)
-Release non-primitve version.
(Seriously though, try Primitive Players before you knock it.)
-A more vanilla balanced version of the mod
(Still tweaking.)
-Make compatible with Milky Way Unleashed
(Probably will need to be in the form of a separate mod.)
-Adjust planet/system creation to be more realistic.
(I’ve made pretty significant headway, but this still needs more work.)
-Add gas dwarf planet type.
(Not really sure if this is necessary. I may just adjust Gas Giant’s size range.)
-Revamp terraforming.
(Slower, pay upkeep – not lump sum. Ability to terraform more planets.)
-Rebalance habitats.
(Reduce in size, change tradition to add ability to add on additional tiles)
-Rebalance megastructures
(Slower construction, pay upkeep – not lump sum. Make significantly better.)
-Address Mining/Research Stations & Frontier Outposts
(Add pops/tiles? Treat as low level habitats?)
-More star classes.
(I’ll be looking into More Star Classes by Kepler68 for this.)

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