Mass Effect Soundtrack – Atmospheric Stellaris

Mass Effect Soundtrack – Atmospheric Stellaris

The Mass Effect Soundtrack mods add carefully chosen music tracks into Stellaris, without replacing the original soundtrack and, hopefully, blend in as much as possible.
This mod comes in three variety. The Atmospheric mod is more low-key, or at least I tried to focus on ambience and tone down the epic-ness of the Mass Effect soundtrack.

Please note that the Epic Mix already includes every tune you can find here, making subscribing to both mods redundant. You can still do so if you wish, though.

– Should be compatible with any other mod (let me know if you have issues)
– Does not deactivate the original soundtrack
– Ironman and achievements compatible
– Supported version: 1.6.* (Adams)

Mod variants
Mass Effect Soundtrack – Epic mix
The “original” mod, the one most people will probably want. Almost every iconic Mass Effect tracks are here.
Mass Effect soundtrack – Action pack
The name speaks for itself: focusing on action, battle and clubbing, this mod adds those tracks that were deemed too loud and immersion-breaking for the other mods.

Track listing
– Mass Effect 1 –
Love Theme
Wards (Missing Track)

– Mass Effect 2 –
Chatting with Mordin
Finding Archangel
Humans are Disappearing
Infiltration (Kasumi – Stolen Memory DLC)
New Worlds

– Mass Effect 3 –
A Future for the Krogan
I Was Lost Without You
Leaving Earth
The Fate of the Galaxy

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