Lower Warscore For Stellaris

Lower Warscore For Stellaris

Updated for 1.5.1!!!
This mod will help you clearing the map in the late game by making vassalization viable again and reducing the amount of warscore needed to capture planets.

Reduced Vassalisation costs for small and medium empires
Reduced Cede/Abandon Planet costs for medium and large empires
If you want more gameplay improvements check out our new mod Gameplay Improvements which contains many cool features like:

All changes from the Lower Warscore Mod
Truce time reduction(Can attack the same target every 5 years instead of 10)
Better Spaceports at high levels(more armor, hp and dmg)
More mineral storage from Mineral Silos and some energy storage from Power Plants
and much more…

Dr.Med.Hätzlon, Snow
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