Lilim – Rei Ayanami Mod

Lilim – Rei Ayanami Mod

Updated for Utopia! Should be compatible with virtually all other mods.

– Play as the Lilim, otherwise known as the humans from Evangelion !
The Lilim are led by Rei Ayanami, a semi-immortal goddess that can also fight on the front lines as an Admiral !
Rei has a normal life-span, but can be reincarnated into a clone body.

– Deploy Evangelion Units to other worlds! (becomes available after fusion reactors, powered exoskeletons are researched)

– Name lists with names from Evangelion
– Evangelion graphics (Portraits, Event images etc…)
– SEELE Flags
– Various EVA icons
– New armies
– New species (The Lilim)
– Custom civic (“Divine Rule” which provides a new ruler mechanic used by The Lilim)

Please report any bugs you may find. Utopia has made things a little easier with the new government system, so this mod should be more compatible with other mods.

If possible I will attempt to get the Rei portrait animated.

– 11/04/17: Edited the civic and government type so that it will not change to an enlightened theocracy after changing a civic ingame. (Thank you Martenzo!)
– 12/04/17: Fixed the bug where Rei mysteriously buys a farm every now and then. (Thank you Martenzo!)

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