Life Engineering For Stellaris

Life Engineering For Stellaris

What is this mod
This mod includes new technologies to create pre-sentient and primitive species on uncolonized habitable worlds. I always wondered why this is not possible in vanilla stellaris. Well, with this mod you can do it in a very simple way. I tried my best to let it look like a core game feature.

This mod also allows your empire to advance primitive species’ age through new observation missions. To get that potential you’ll need to research the new technologies. Advancing a primitive to the next age should take around 10 years. (Notice: vanilla advance takes 160 years)

How does it work
After the epigenetic triggers tech it is possible to research “Life Engineering”. With this technology all your science ships can prepare an uncolonized habitable world for creating new life. To do this your ship must orbit the planet and the planet must be surveyed. Your ship must stay in orbit until the event comes. After a month you get a prompt for a life engineering project. Then a special project will be placed, simliar to the gene modification projects. On completion the planet will have the newly created species and you get a notification. First you will only be able to create pre-sentient species, later (after research of “Society Engineering”) you can develop primitives of stone age.

No vanilla files touched.
Pre-sentient and primitive species created have same behavior like vanilla ones.

Life Engineering Facility
You can build the Facility anywhere on a planet. It allows you to plant Life Seeds on the world which will grow into environments of micro organisms and very basic fauna. If all your seeds are grown you can upgrade the facility to either create a pre-sentient or a sentient species. The process will take some time, the more hives are on the planet the longer it will take. You will get a notification when the process is complete.

If the planet does not have titanic life you can create it.
If you researched the promethean project you can modify a species to a promethean race by upgrading the facility to the equally named project. The pop on the project’s tile will become the new species.
If you installed Enhanced Gene Modding the menu will show up after creating pre-sentient or sentient life.

If you installed Ethic&Government Rebuild and have Utopia the Life Engineering Tech is unlocked by the proper ascension perk.

Known issues
Russian translation is truely outdated.
Some Life Engineering doesn’t work well if your game does not pause on event. Be warned, MP games don’t pause on event. (This should be fixed now, if not please report)

Special Thanks
Dear modding community (both modders and mod users), I appreciate your advices and friendly tips for improving this mod. Especially I want to say thank you to all of yours who have work around ideas if something could not be implemented as we all desire. Every modder counts on help and feedback, otherwise all those mods wouldn’t be that great.

Sazon De Val for the russian translation ????

Nilus for coding advices ????

Recommended mods
First of their kind
Native Preservation
Enhanced Gene Modding
Ethic&Government Rebuild

Please report any issues you encounter and feel free to leave a comment and rating for this mod.
Enjoy it ????

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