Let’s Colonize the Solar System For Stellaris

Let’s Colonize the Solar System For Stellaris

(Compatible with Stellaris v 1.6)

Let’s Colonize the Solar System
Let’s Colonize the Sol System is intended for people who like to play as humans starting from the Sol system, and want to be able to colonize part of the Sol system.

The mod provides an event-driven option to colonize up to 7 planet/moons of the solar system.

At the start of each game, Earth is the only planet or moon capable of being colonised. Through a series of special projects the player can gradually convert some of the planets and moons to a habitable planet type. These projects only apply to the solar system.

The terraforming process begins, on average, 30 months after the start of the game. Initially you will be given the option to terraform the Moon, then Mars. After that you will have te opportunity to terraform Europa, Ganymede, Titan, Venus and Pluto. You must colonize the Moon and Mars to continue with the terraforming program, but once they have been colonized, you may selectively colonize the remaining planets/moons.

To play the mod simply select the ‘Let’s Colonize Sol’ system intializer during game set up.

The game is intended to be played with United Earth. You can modify the setup of this empire, but you can’t use a different empire.

Key features:
– An enhanced Sol system, with additional moons and revised planetary distances and planet/moon sizes.
– Systems nearby to Sol appear in the correct positions with revised system initializer.
– Event driven terraforming system for Sol.

If you’re interested in playing this mod with more system initializers for real stars, try my mod Sol Unleashed, which can be found here:


If anyone finds any bugs; has any suggestions for changes/improvements; or wants to see particular star systems in the mod, please let me know.

This mod has a fairly small footprint, so it should be compatible with most other mods.

If you find incompatibilities that you would like me to try to fix, let me know and I will take a look.

Terms of use in other mods:
You may use this mod in other mods provided you credit me. I would also be grateful if you would tell me that you’re using my mod, in the comments below.

Lex Peregrine for the design of the systems: Barnard’s Star, Sirius, Procyon and Alpha Centauri.

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