Less unwanted Techs Stellaris

Less unwanted Techs Stellaris

Hi Folks.
I personaly dont like if Games force me to do things i dont want to do, like picking the cheapest unwanted Weapon tech just because i have no other Options.

This happens quite often and is unnecessary in my opinnion.

Thats why i resorted the Weapontechs a little.

If you want to see ANY tech of a Category( Energy, Kinetic, Missle) you need to research the Tier 1 Base Tech of that Category first.

This reduces the amount of unwanted Weapon Techs you see each time, without limit your abilty to spread in different categories if you like. (base techs are cheap)


If you picked Missiles at Race creation, you wont see Plasma, Disruptor or Autocannon.
If you choosed Energy, you wont see Torpedos or Autocannons.

The repeatable Tech for each weapon Group is unlocked at Lvl 3 Lasers, Kinetic or Missiles so you wont see them aswell, even if you where forced to pick some unwanted T1 Tech.

Feel free to comment.

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