Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Galactic Empire Mod

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Galactic Empire Mod

An empire based on the Galactic Empire from Yoshiki Tanaka’s novel series “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” which was adapted into a 110 OVA (Original Video Animation) from 1988-1997. Viz Media is currently translating the first three novels of the series into English with other volumes to follow if sales are good enough, I hope they are. In game they are called the Galaktisches Imperium because the nobility and rulers are mostly of German descent and thus I figured that they would likely not refer to themselves as the Galactic Empire but rather the German for it which according to Google Translate is Galaktisches Imperium. You can edit this yourself by changing the line that says name in the Imperium.txt file located in the prescripted_countries folder. If you decide to change it I recommend either Galactic Reich or Galactic Empire.

You can get the Free Planets Alliance, the main rival for the Galactic Empire in the series

Future Plans:
☐ Add additional languages.
☑ Ship models (this it done thanks to LOBO’s mod that is listed as required)
☑ Get the custom start screen working.
☑ Create a mod for the Free Planets Alliance

P.S. Steam needs to stop removing parts of the description whenever I update the mod it is really annoying.
Finally Steam doesn’t delete 90% of the description every time I update the mod.

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