Latium System For Stellaris

Latium System For Stellaris

A silghtly richer version of Sol (which it does NOT replace), with the planets named after ancient cities around Rome. Size 25 planets. Use it yourself for an easier start, or give it to your arch-nemesis as a starting planet, so they make a more formidable foe.

The planets are named after walled cities that had survived at least to Pliny’s time, while the moons and asteroids are named after former cities which, by his time, had been either destroyed or reduced to villages.

It’s set to be the ideal planet class of whoever starts there.

The planets are rotated around to different positions on their orbits, so it doesn’t look IDENTICAL to when you play Sol, but still, it’s the same orbits and all.

It also has some 6 similarly good neighbour systems, named after nearby ancient regions in Italy. E.g., Samnium or Sabinium.

I.e., as you probably figured out by now, it’s the setup for a reenactment of Rome’s early rise to power, in its Kingdom years and a bit of early Republic, except in space. In case you wanted to play Romans in space. Or if you want to create a powerful custom enemy that’s basically the Roman Empire in space, for an extra challenge.

Be warned that the systems may be desirable enough for other empires too, since they’ve got large planets, easy blockers, and well above average resources. Even the AI will eventually figure out that they’re good places to colonize, if it can. So if someone else beats you to them, or beats you up for them… oh well :p

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