Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Lite Stellaris

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Lite Stellaris

*Updated for 1.6.x

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Lite
Reduces to 1/4 the fleet supply galaxy wide.
This is the lite version of my mod. It only modifies maintenance cost and supply, so it should be compatible with most mods out there. The bad news is that besides you and ai empires, the rest of the galaxy (monsters, stations, crisis, etc) will be more powerfull than normal, as they are not hit by this nerf.

Alsolutelly dont use it with the full version of this mod, as that will only make ship maintenances 16! times as high as vanilla.
If you wanted to play the old version of my mod, this is the one for you.
If not, please try the full mod: Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25)


– Ship maintenance raised x4.
– Fleet Supply from Starports, Starport upgrades, Habitats, Ascension, and Population, reduced to 1/4 of vanilla.
– Starting Fleet Supply raised from 10 to 15.
– Halved fallen empire supply, and quartered awakened ones.

Old description:

The changes will mean that every ship will fill 4 times the role they did in vanilla. You could see it as “every ship value is 4 times that of vanilla”.
If you have a 15 system empire, with say 85 population and 20 starports, if you max your fleet, you will have the same maintenance load on your economy, and you will be as strong as always, relative to the other empires, as in vanilla.

The only real balance hit will be that fallen empires will be harder to beat (but will awaken way later, as they see how strong is your fleet, and now it will be 1/4 as in vanilla). End game crysis probably will be harder too, but they are really easy anyways, so this may be for the best.
Planets will soak more damage (you will have 1/4 as much fleet as in vanilla), and stations will be tougher, but I doubt this will really affect the game (you will kill them in 2 seconds instead of 1…).

Finally, I raised the starting fleet supply, so in the early game, one can still defend from pirates, and space monster in general. As a side effect, small empires WILL be stronger than in vanilla, relative to the rest of the galaxy. But not THAT much stronger.

I made this mod for myself, because late game, specially during war in heaven, the lag becomes too much. Reducing 4 times the amount of ships, means 4 times less processor workload during galaxy wide wars.
Im sharing it, in case someone else had have to abandon games because of late game lag.
Share your experiences regarding lag reduction, in the comments bellow. ????

Have fun.

My other mod:

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Full version

Krelian’s 7.5x Sector Resource Transfer

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