Kingmaker: Greater Subject Control Stellaris

Kingmaker: Greater Subject Control Stellaris

Have you ever noticed that the “create vassal” button seems to create a state with no real connection to your government nor its ethos? Have you ever wanted greater control over your vassals for role playing reasons?

This is an experimental mod that allows you to select an edict on any world that has xenos on it and release it as a vassal state with your goverment type and your ethos.

It is very new, in alpha one might say, but I will try to improve it if people show interest.

Known Bugs: Do not use on a planet that is only your main species, that causes issues.


Check out my other mods for Stellaris, called “Planet-Wide City Mod” and “Borg-Style Hive Mind”.

I am now on Patreon. One may donate to me if they are feeling generous. Remember, my mod is completely free and always will be, but any donations really help me out.

Emperor Scorpio
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